Born This Way

Name: Born This Way
Release: 23.5.2011
Genre: Pop/Electropop/Dance/Metal
Type: Studio Album
Tracks: Standart - 14 songs, Deluxe Edition 17 tracks + 5 remixes
Number of Discs: 2
Recorded: 2010
Label: Streamline, Kon Live, Interscope
Producers: DJ White Shadow, Fernando Garibay, Lady Gaga, Robert "Mutt" Lange, Jeppe Laursen, RedOne
Length: 61:12
Editions: Standard, Deluxe
Number of singles: 4+
Worldwide Sales: 6 000 000+
USA: 2 100 000 (Second Week)
1. "Marry the Night" (Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay) 4:24
2. "Born This Way" (Lady Gaga, Laursen, Garibay, DJ White Shadow) 4:20
3. "Government Hooker" (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, Garibay, DJ Snake) 4:14
4. "Judas" (Lady Gaga, RedOne) 4:10
5. "Americano" (Lady Gaga, Garibay, DJ White Shadow, Cheche Alara) 4:06
6. "Hair" (Lady Gaga, RedOne) 5:08
7. "Scheiße" (Lady Gaga, RedOne) 3:45
8. "Bloody Mary" (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, Garibay, Clinton Sparks) 4:05
9. "Bad Kids" (Lady Gaga, Laursen, Garibay, DJ White Shadow) 3:51
10. "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" (Lady Gaga, RedOne, Garibay, DJ White Shadow) 4:16
11. "Heavy Metal Lover" (Lady Gaga, Garibay) 4:13
12. "Electric Chapel" (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow) 4:13
13. "Yoü and I" (Lady Gaga, Robert John "Mutt" Lange) 5:07
14. "The Edge of Glory" (Lady Gaga, Garibay, DJ White Shadow) 5:20

Deluxe Edition:
9. "Black Jesus † Amen Fashion" (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow) 3:36
11. "Fashion of His Love" (Lady Gaga, Garibay) 3:39
15. "The Queen" (Lady Gaga, Garibay) 5:17
CD2: The Remixes
1. "Born This Way" (Country Road Version) (Lady Gaga, Laursen, Garibay) 4:21
2. "Judas" (DJ White Shadow Remix) (Lady Gaga, RedOne, DJ White Shadow) 4:07
3. "Marry the Night" (Zedd Remix) (Lady Gaga, Garibay, Zedd) 4:20
4. "Scheiße" (DJ White Shadow Mugler) (Lady Gaga, RedOne, DJ White Shadow) 9:35
5. "Fashion of His Love" (Fernando Garibay Remix) (Lady Gaga, Garibay) 3:44

15. "Born This Way" (Jost & Naaf Remix) (international bonus track) 5:58
16. "Born This Way" (LLG vs. GLG Radio Remix) (Japanese bonus track) 3:50
1. "Born This Way" (Bimbo Jones Club Remix) 6:45 (digital download card bonus track)
2. "Born This Way" (Zedd Remix ) 6:30 (digital download card bonus track)
Standard Edition
Deluxe Edition